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Bill Gates Joins Buffett, Munger in Bitcoin Brush-Off By

Bill Gates Believes Crypto Is Governed By “Greater Fool

The practice of traditional market figureheads taking stabs at Bitcoin is back.

Entrepreneur and IT heavyweight Bill Gates this week has said he would consider shorting Bitcoin because he believes the digital currency lacks substance as an asset.Please consider The Bitcoin Economy, in Perspective. comes news it stopped a brake and roll test.Philanthropist and business mogul Bill Gates mentioned recently the importance of financial technologies such as Bitcoin and Ripple. The Gates.

Bill Gates Foundation And Ripple (XRP) Team Up To Support

Bill Gates: I’d Short ‘Crazier, Speculative’ Bitcoin If I

Blockchain News.Things are looking up for the Factom project once again as they.

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Bill Gates Says Cryptocurrencies Are Used To Buy Drugs

This is not the first time he has dared someone to short bitcoin.

Bill Gates Proclaims Crypto Governed by “Greater Fool

He mentioned that he would make a bet against the digital currency.

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Bill Gates Wants to Bet Against Bitcoin

Bill Gates says he would short Bitcoin if he could find an

Bill Gates Says He Won’t Be Running for President, Warns

Bill Gates's Foundation Partners with Ripple (XRP

Bill Gates, the second wealthiest person in the world as per Forbes, is not impressed by the concept of Bitcoin as it does not produce anything.

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Bill Gates has joined Warren Buffett and Charles Munger in voicing skepticism on Bitcoin, saying he would short the cryptocurrency if he could do it easily.Home News Bill Gates Foundation And Ripple (XRP) Team Up To Support The Unbanked. Bitcoin News. News. Vitalik Buterin Proposes Fixed Fees That Can Act as Block.

Bill Gates: “Bitcoin Technology Is Key” -

Bill Gates Says Crypto Has Caused Deaths in a Fairly

The co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is not too optimistic about cryptocurrencies in general.

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Crypto Millionaire's Advice to Bill Gates How to Short Bitcoin

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the latest billionaire to pour cold water on digital currencies, saying if there was a way to bet against bitcoin and other.

Bill Gates Thinks Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Are Poor

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates tirade against bitcoin has sent the price tumbling for the cryptocurrency.